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HostGator Sponsors Five AWESOME Contest Prizes

As many of you know, The Net Fool is proudly hosted on HostGator servers. Jim, as well as myself, have really never regretted this decision, as you pay few little for high-performance, great customer support and an awesome deal that keep your wallet full! HostGator is one of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting companies with more than 1,300,000 hosted domains. They have over 200 employees to provide around-the-clock superior support, and are “the perfect choice whether you are looking for business, personal, or even Fortune 500 hosting.”

How good is HostGator? They’ve agreed to sponsor 5 HUGE Business Plans (worth $180 each) to 5 participants in The Net Fool’s Build-A-Blog Workshop!!! :D

Option One: Take The Course!

The first way to win the Net Fool’s Build-A-Blog Workshop contest is to take the workshop along with us! This is a very good idea for any aspiring entrepreneur, and it will give you awesome exposure right off the bat. If you decide to follow along with the course, not only will you be entered to win a great free hosting plan from HostGatorbut you will get free mentions on The Net Fool on a daily basis.

  • If 1-6 people enter the workshop: We’ll give away 2 Business Hosting Plans!
  • If 7+ people enter the workshop: We’ll give away 3 Business Hosting Plans!

This is a fantastic opportunity for an instantly successful blog from a professional. Better yet, if you purchase your first hosting plan through Jim’s referral link (you can simply tack on a year of hosting later), he will buy you your own domain name and install everything you need to get started! I challenge you to find a better deal. :razz:

Option Two: Promote Our Contest

Do you already know the ropes or aren’t interested in starting a fresh new venture? No Problem! We have another opportunity to those of you that this applies to, and will give away from 2-3 FREE HostGator business hosting plans to two random entries (depending on above participation) to people that help out.

Prizes will be donated through racking up entries; entries can be gained in a few ways:

  • 5 Entries – Blog about the contest, at least 400 words, and link back to this post
  • 3 Entries – Advertise our contest with this promotional image
  • 2 Entries - Link Back to the contest (blog’s pagerank must be >2)
  • 1 Entry – StumbleUpon this post & comment on the stumble
  • 1 EntryFollow Jim On Twitter & tweet about this contest
  • Required - Comment on this page to let me know what you’ve done!


The Build-A-Blog Workshop will be starting on April 22nd, 2009. If you plan to work alongside us, just drop a comment and we will get you listed! No need to register a domain name or anything like that, we will be completing all of that in the workshop. Remember, you must be subscribed to The Net Fool’s Email RSS Feed to win a prize! We’ll be updating the blog once a day with what I did in my allotted 30 minutes of blogging, this should be a fun one-month of activity.

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The Net Fool’s Fight To End Poverty

The Net Fool is holding a contest called “The Net Fool’s Fight To End Poverty” with a unique chance to earn money, win prizes and help the homeless… all at the same time!

A Look at The Prizes You Can Win

Every prize has been generously donated to the competition by Motive Interactive. When you win a prize, you will ALSO be donating money to fight poverty.

Blogger Prize:

Outside of our main prizes, you also will have the chance to win an awesome new 8GB iPod Nano.

There are a few ways to win the blogger prize, and there will be a random drawing to select the winner:

  • Ten Entries: Sign Up with Motive Interactive and confirm/verify your account
  • Five Entries: Subscribe to via email subscription RSS
  • Fifteen Entries: Write a 500+ word post on your blog about this contest
  • Ten Entries: Promote this competition on your blog with a 125×125 banner ad
  • 1/2 Entry: Leave a comment anywhere on this blog (must be a real comment!)
  • Five Entries: Promote the competition by “Stumble”ing or “Digg”ing this post
  • Ten Entries: Subscribe to the new The Net Fool dot com newsletter

Bronze Medal Prize:

If you can earn over $2,000 in the month of February, you will score yourself a brand new Xbox 360 Elite! In addition, if you can earn $2,000 you will automatically get a donation of $100 to Covenant House.

Silver Medal Prize:

If you are an above-average earner and can bring in more than $18,000 from Motive Interactive not only can you pocket that huge earnings number, but you will be sent a brand new ASUS EeePC 1002HA notebook computer! If you can rack in $18,000, there will be a donation of $300 to fighting poverty through Covenant House.


Are you a super affiliate, looking to lend a hand to charity while getting some awesome gear? Anyone that scores over the $40,000 mark to get one heck of a prize pack! First up: a brand new Vizio LCD TV! Not only that, but you will also be receiving a high-tech 8GB Apple iPod Touch! The touch is a fantastic iPod and you can do everything from music, to games, to video to internet!

Need more? How about every affiliate who signs up through Jim and earns over $40k will net a whopping $500 donation to Covenant House. Without a doubt saving someone’s life and helping to end the cycle of poverty in the US.

How You Can Participate and Earn Prizes

A contestant can participate in this contest by ether earning entries or earning money with Motive Interactive. The high-end prizes are available only to those that want to sign up to Motive Interactive and their new Advent 2.0 management system, and earn some cash! Those that want to enter as bloggers can do so with the methods above and can rack up as many entries as they would like. Anyone who has already done an action in the past (e.g. subscribed to RSS) is already entered!

Tiered Prizes:

Contestants looking to earn the top prizes must be registered through’s official referral link so that I might track your earnings progress. Already signed up to Motive Interactive? You can still participate if you email Luke Smith your referral ID and your intent to enter this competition then they can track you, and you can earn prizes!

Signing up to Motive Interactive is completely free, so you have nothing to lose! It is one of my top networks and if you sign up and run even one campaign, I can pretty much guarantee that you earn money with them. If you put in a lot of work, you will get a big prize.

Blogger Prize:

We’ve outlined how to get entries above under the “Blogger Prize” category. You can win yourself a nice new iPod Nano 8GB if you participate by doing things like subscribing to the blog and writing about the contest on your blog. At the end of the month, ALL of the entries together will be put together and do a random draw at to pull out the winner.

This contest will be open until the end of the month (February 28th) 2009.

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Shout Out Friday #26

Shout Out Friday is back! This is going to be a short and sweet edition since I’m packing up to head back to school. With that in mind here are this week’s shout outs:

Shout Out to Jim from The Net Fool for choosing me as a winner is his most recent Christmas Giveaway.

Shout Out to Jaypee Online for choosing me as a winner of the WP-Member Plugin for membership sites.

Shout Out to BeFolks for choosing me as a winner of a blog consultation with Whibb and the e-book from Jim at The Net Fool called “Work Smart, Get Rich”.

I’ll be back next week with more blog contests on The Daily Dollar Report.

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The Net Fool’s Christmas Giveaway

The Net Fool in conjunction with Market Leverage is giving away your choice of a brand new iPod Nano or a sleek Flip Mino High Definition! This contest consists of two rounds. In round one, Jim will be the judge…and the best entry (in his opinion) will win themselves their choice of a Flip Mino HD or an Apple iPod Nano. If you are the winner from, you will get to compete with the winners from other blogs. The top three winners (as selected by the Market Leverage team of hosts/judges) will also get a Kindle, a $100 ML Rewards card and a $50 iTunes card. 

Round One: Share Your Secret!

As a play off of Market Leverage’s new “The Secret Is Out” theme, ML and Jim would like to know what YOUR secret is to making money online! Essentially, you should give some affiliate marketing advice that you have picked up on your own. They want to get some affiliate advice from the affiliates!

The advice that you give can be in pretty much any form you want as long as it is posted in the comment area below and is relevant to making money with Market Leverage. Your entries should use Market Leverage as the example affiliate network (if applicable), and should be clear and concise. I’m not going to choose an answer that rambles on about every little thing…so keep your money-generating ideas limited to one idea or technique that you use especially well to drive big cash on the internet. You don’t have to be a professional, you just need to voice your opinion.

How Do I Win?

The winner will be announced on December 31st, and Market Leverage will get their official winner list out on January 5th to ring in the New Year! That’s a potential prize pack worth $750 for our grand prize winners.

The Net Fool’s Christmas Giveaway Recap

  • Step One: Submit your “secret” to making money online in the comment area
  • Step Two: Sign Up to Market Leverage if you haven’t already
  • Step Three: Subscribe to the Net Fool Dot Com’s RSS Feed! (Optional)
  • Step Four: Wait for the official TNF announcement on December 31st, and the Market Leverage decision on January 5th!
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The Net Fool October Spectacular

The Net Fool is giving away REAL prizes worth over $600 to readers absolutely free! By working with Market Leverage, you can earn yourself a great prize just by beating out the competition in affiliate earnings. The bottom line is: while you rack up big money by using the Market Leverage service, you’ll be automatically in the running to win a brand new Nintendo Wii, my personal favorite gaming console, or even a Flip Mino video camera, a recording device that I use (and love) personally. Even the bronze medalist will take home a nice $50 gift card, now let’s get into the contest!

  1. The Grand Prize: One Nintendo Wii Gaming System
  2. The Runner-Up: One Flip Mino Video Camera
  3. Third Place: One $50 American Express Rewards Card
  4. Random Giveaways: Ten Copies of my eBook “Work Smart, Get Rich!”

How To Win

It’s very simple… the referred member of Market Leverage who earns the most money, WINS! He’s even written a review of Market Leverage for more proof!

In Jim’s account, he has a record of every member that signs up using my link. So go ahead and sign up today (it’s free), and if you earn the most in a month… you’ll win yourself a Nintendo Wii! There’s absolutely nothing to lose, as you are essentially piling a nice prize on top of the money you already earn. So be sure to use Jim’s referral link.

Additionally, you can win one of ten copies of Jim’s $15 eBook “Work Smart, Get Rich!” when you subscribe to via email. If you are already subscribed, you are already entered to win! All of my winners, including the main prizes, are required to be subscribers.

The October Spectacular will run from until November 15th.

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Monday, October 27th, 2008 Contests Comments Off

Win Free Web Hosting With Host Gator

The Net Fool is holding a contest where three lucky winners will receive a year of free hosting at HostGator. Some of you might just not be able to afford the awesome premium hosting services offered through HostGator or any paid hosting provider so why not try to get it for FREE!

The Prizes

  1. One-year “Swamp” Plan
  2. One-year “Baby” Plan
  3. One-year “Hatchling” Plan

For more information on these please visit HostGators web hosting page.

How to Enter: 5 Ways to Win!

Task #1: REQUIRED: Subscribe to the Email Feed (You’ll be automatically entered to win every contest in the future)

Task #2: Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku or Tumblr this page (3 Tickets Per Service)
Make a mention of The Net Fool’s Hosting Bonanza in any one (or multiple) of these micro-blogging platforms and include a link back to this contest page.

Task #3: Vote this Page Up! (Earns 3 Tickets Per Service)
Add or vote up this page on one or more of the following services: Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeller,, Reddit, Sphinn, Mixx. You’ll get a quick 3 tickets!

Task #4: Subscribe to the Feed! (Earns 5 Tickets!)
Jim released a new stock market community blog called Bullish Bankers and am in the process of marketing the awesome content. If you are at all interested in tracking the stock market, getting free research from professional mutual fund managers, or just keeping in touch. At any rate, you’ll score a quick 5 entries just by subscribing!

Task #5: Blog About “The Net Fool’s Hosting Bonanza!” (earns 10-25 entries)
Make a post about this contest and it must be a live link directly to this page. Also, you must include a link to using the anchor text “making money online” in that post. The entries you earn for doing this are determined by Google PageRank, but it is the best way to win regardless! PR0=10 entries, PR1 = 15 entries, PR2 = 20 entries, PR3+ = 25 entries (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

This contest ends on October 4th.

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Sunday, September 21st, 2008 Contests 1 Comment