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How To Use Facebook To Develop Your Business Online

Many internet marketers are now using Facebook in preference to MySpace. There is no doubt it is a great place for marketing due to the fact that there are over 200 million folks that use it on a daily basis. Unfortunately though most of the people using Facebook for business purposes are downright spammers. I’m sure you have experienced for yourself the droves of constant emails pitching biz ops and various other affiliate products, sometimes it’s difficult to get away from it (depending on who is on your friend list), sometimes I don’t even bother reading my emails in Facebook and just delete them.

By learning what works and what not to do, I see no reason why you cannot have great success with Facebook Marketing as a promotion tool. We must remember that it’s all about socialising online and therefore our main use for it is to formulate relationships with folks. The promotion of our opportunities can happen naturally at a later date when we have developed connections with folks.

Here are six steps that you can use to do business on Facebook,

1) Much like a photo booth such as Capture Pod, make sure you include plenty of info in your page that is personal to you, have lots of photos of your friends & family and you having a good time. It should all be about YOU and not just a blatant business pitch

2) Add friends so that you can begin networking with people, you can search for groups on Facebook for almost any market niche. Be intelligent about it and find groups other than the ‘online business’ crowd.

3) Look for relevant groups that you can join. FB groups all have a wall, you might want to consider putting some useful info on the wall for others to see and share. Often I will let groups know about new content that I have written or post videos, people get useful information from it and it encourages them to subscribe to my list and eventually some then go on to join my business.

4) Think about starting your own FB group that is of relevance to your target audience. Once you have done this send out invitations for others to join your group or you can even use FB advertising services to attract new members. It’s just like building a subscriber list but on Facebook.

5) Try putting your content on your friends walls and also to your own. This is a fantastic way for more people to see your stuff, all your friends friends will see your content so it could quickly go viral. Remember, always offer value! Your friends will most probably just delete you if you spam their walls.

6) Make an individual greeting video welcoming new people as your friend. This is not used very often at all on Facebook and yet it really is effective and folks love it.


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