The Use Of Rubber Stamps Despite The Availability Of Computers

Rubber stamps have been used in different areas of businesses, and have served as important tools for a wide array of companies since the beginning of the 20th century. They save time and can overall add to the importance of documents when you are doing things professionally. It was almost over a decade ago when a proposal to do work for a rubber stamp store was taken, but not without trepidation, because computers are widely available.

Many are under the impression that rubber stamps are soon to become utterly useless, as the use of paper dies with it, and computers are used to print watermarks onto paper right away, eliminating the need for rubber stamps and ink.

However, with the advent of notary stamps, for deposit only stamps, as well as signature stamps and other types, many are again beginning to think that rubber stamps, after all, are actually more resilient than previously thought.

You are only required to fax a version of your signature to a company that makes rubber stamps, to be able to obtain a stamp that you can use as your signature, a company that has the proper equipment, among which is Holmes Stamp Company. On the other hand, for contracts and other legal documents, as well as sworn signatures, seals and notary stamps will be needed.

Some stamps are used for keeping details of documents, ranging from ones that say “received”, which are used to designate the specific time and date that a document was noted, to ones that say “reviewed by” and “draft”, and for banks, there are “for deposit only” and “paid” stamps.

With plenty of years of observations on how stamps have been used, rubber stamps in this modern era are much better in quality: they are created in different shapes, dimensions, styles and designs, and there are even ones that squeeze ink out of the stamp itself, so a stamp pad will not need to be used.

Available in different sizes, rubber stamps are also manufactured in just about any shape that you can think of, and the options for ink colors are also wide and varied.

It is not true that computers have been helping rubber stamps become obsolete. In fact with email and other forms of communication possible online, you can easily place an order for a rubber stamp and get it shipped to your location in 24 hours, and you have the world wide web to thank for this!


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