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The Soup

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

My husband and I recently went on a date to see a comedian perform live. It was so fun! I’d never done that before and it was so fun to be in the audience and see it live. We laughed and laughed, and it was just a great date overall. I can’t remember the comedian’s name anymore, but I heard he has a television show called The Soup. I’m going to and search the listings to see when it is on next. He was hilarious. If he ever comes to your town, I totally recommend it. His language was a little vulgar at times, so I wouldn’t necessarily bring your kids with you, but as a date night, it was perfect. The tickets weren’t too expensive, either. We sat in the back, and it was still fine and we could see him pretty well. I think going to see comedians perform might become our new thing. I’m going to keep an eye and an ear out for others coming to town and be sure and get tickets.

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