Gonzalez Reeds

Unlike the bass saxophone, which has a few curves, the bass clarinet is a little smaller and is straight with the exception of a small curve under the mouthpiece and the curve at the end of the instrument. While it might not be as large an instrument as the bass saxophone, it still has a considerable weight and usually requires the use of a neck strap to help support the instrument while it is being played.

The material that it is made out of differs from the metal that most Gonzalez reeds are made out of. They are usually made out of African Blackwood, though the less expensive versions are often made out of plastic. Most bass clarinets are often keyed in B flat, but there are some bass clarinets that exists which are keyed in A and C. The uses for the bass clarinet are also more varied than the bass saxophone.

Not only are bass clarinets used in jazz, they are also used in orchestras, marching bands, clarinet choirs and a few other types of bands. The bass clarinet has increased in popularity since the mid twentieth century as more music calls for its use.

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