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Importance Of Changing Air Conditioner Filters And Different Types Of Filters

Providing a heating or cooling effect is not the only purpose of an air conditioning system. In fact, many air conditioners nowadays give emphasis on the air filtering function in order to provide a higher level of comfort within the room environment.

As technology continues to advance further, many air conditioning systems are enhanced with additional features other than the usual heating and cooling functions it provides. One of these additional features is the air filtering method responsible for better home ventilation.

Another important purpose of air conditioner filters is to support the air dehumidification function of some types of air conditioning systems. Air dehumidification is a process of decreasing the humidity in a room atmosphere for health reasons in general. People suffering from an asthmatic condition or some forms of allergy will benefit from this air conditioning feature. Humid air often cause mildew and mold to grow within the room environment, possessing some risk to people having normal health conditions. Adding to that is the threat of insects like fleas, moths, and cockroaches which are likely to exist on humid places. With the help of an air conditioner filter, these harmful factors will be eliminated.

Generally, air conditioner filters are devices intended to get rid of unwanted air particles that circulate within the room. An air conditioner filter is usually made of fibrous braids, boosted by some mechanical and electronic components to block certain air particles. Without this device, various particle build-ups may block the air flows, degrading the performance of the air conditioner system. To top it all, these build-ups may eventually lead to permanent damage.

Among the common types of air conditioner filters is the standard panel which offers excellent filtering function. This is made of woven fiberglass, making it expensive and difficult to be replaced. Meanwhile, the extended surface type of air conditioner filter is thicker and can last for a long time. It is more expensive than the standard panel but it is more effective in blocking dusts and other air pollutants. Another popular air conditioning filter is the electronic type. This filter offers more than 90% efficiency in trapping unwanted air particles. Other common types include the electrostatic and the polyester air conditioner filters

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The Cost Of Solar Panels Is Decreasing

New research on the life expectancy of this new kind of renewable energy has helped decrease the cost of solar panels. It was once estimated that solar panels would last only about 20 years, but it has now been proven that models can last up to 30 years. This makes it a more appealing investment for homeowners who were hesitant because of the short life expectancy.

Green research institutes as well as various governments have been encouraging consumers to choose solar energy. In addition to encouraging consumers, they have also been encouraging financial institutions such as banks to make the finances available for this type of purchase.

Some governments across Europe have been offering incentive programs for homeowners to install solar panels onto their homes which have brought down the costs of solar panels even further. China has also been offering domestic incentive plans for their citizens as well. The US and India have similar plans in the pipelines for solar panels, which will increase the demand even further pulling prices down as well.

This type of renewable energy usually pays for itself, as mentioned above, because the main costs are actually buying the panels and installation. After that, you do not have to pay for your energy source, unlike regular electricity.

One major goal set out by the renewable energy industry in the solar field is to gain as much ground on grid generated power as possible. There are some very enthusiastic goals set out by the industry, especially in Europe. These include making getting your energy from solar power as cheap as it would be to buy it off of a grid. Estimates are quoting that half of Europe should be using solar energy as opposed to grid power by 2020.

All of this activity in the solar panel industry will reduce the cost of solar panels for the consumer market. This industry will likely boom in the coming years giving companies more profit and more flexibility in reducing costs.


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Ludacris & Tommy Lee Video

There is a new television station called Planet Green that introduced a commercial featuring Ludacris and Tommy Lee that is hilarious at best. I guess calling on several celebrities to endorse your new station and the green movement seems like a good idea. Have you taken any precautions to going green? If so, are they to the extent as Ludacris and Tommy Lee? See for yourself:

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